Hi! Of all the places you could have gone you have ended up here. Welcome to my home here on the web. Sorry I have nothing to offer you other than this simple site. If we meet in person a good drink is in order. I am Fredrick Stakem, a software engineer, an avid sports enthusiast, and a health nut. I consider my self an engineer’s engineer in that I have a passion for building and creating. Deep down I have a firm belief that to build is to engineer, as engineering is both an art and a science with creativity at its core.

I have hoped to live my life in the words of Mark Twain, “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at anytime.” I suppose that explains the lack of furniture in my home. Although I was never fond of school, I put up with it long enough to earn a couple of degrees (Go Jackets! Go Boilers!). My love of electronics drew me into engineering in the hope to build my own amplifier. 20 years later I have yet to do so, but its on the bucket list. In the mean time I have I learned a bit about electronics and software and have had a blast doing it.

In my precious spare time I have made a solid attempt at living my life to it’s fullest. For one, I have watched enough football to be a qualified armchair quarterback. There is nothing like a live college football rivalry game on a crisp autumn day. The traditions and lore of Southern football are as dear to me as the faithful their religion. I have a dream of visiting all the college football stadiums and watching each teams classic match up.

In addition to being drawn to the popular American sports I have spent a good deal of my life training in the combative arts. From a young age I stood in awe of the stories of my grandfather the big manly Czech-American boxer. My grandfather in his 20’s worked in a coal mine shoveling 20 tons of coal a day and boxing at night. That fascination led me to Tae Kwon Do as a kid, and the interest in learning what EJ Harrison dubbed ‘the fighting spirit of Japan’. Along the way I connected with some of Mr. Smith’s former students and learned the esoteric boxing forms of China. Working with Allen Pittman was a treasure. Right now I am dedicated to Brazilian Ju Jutsu and Judo but would love to learn more about the old wrestling styles of Europe and America.

As with most, I am fascinated by good stories. Where mine will end up I still don’t know. In the mean time I am enjoying the simple things in life: a good drink, happy friends, and programming in a language other than C. Although I would love to be doing some embedded C work right now, the thought of writing a parser in C is not good. I hope you can join my on this journey.

pacis erit vobiscum,
Fredrick Stakem